Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Now you see it, now you don’t is usually how we view summer. However this summer is proving different (at least so far). The burst of fine weather is still with us and that makes it fun to shop and dress for it, and to be planning ahead at the same time.

My first tip for summer: If you are a woman and want instantly to drop 10 pounds and add a dash of femininity at the same time, pop on the highest wedges for day and platforms for evenings out. What they do for your figure and stature can bring about those glances that set the pulses racing. Peep toes can be a great investment for your autumn wardrobe too. Simply team them with tights and you will confirm the trend that started last winter as uber cool. Without doubt Mui Mui and Prada continue to make the most comfortable and stylish shoes around.

Looking for one-stop clothes that make a woman feel and look ageless? Go for Donna Karen and Michael Kors; both labels have made many of my clients confirmed devotees. Each has its own unique take with palettes that mix white, stone and graphite’s, so you can add bright summer tones for your key accessories.

If shopping for an evening out has you in a pinch, try One Night Stand, Joanna has a collection of beautiful attire, which, - I warn you, - may give you second thoughts even when splashing out for another special dress is simply not your priority! She is very giftedat helping you select the perfect garment, appropriate to your specail occasion.

Men: Canali’s flagship menswear shop has opened to a standing ovation on Bond Street and boomed over the last couple of months. Brian, who is the manager, has returned to his roots with this luxury label, as he feels that both the heritage and quality this brand delivers so well against other ready-to-wear, with a modern twist and fabric mixes that make quick trips a breeze. You see, if the fabric mix is perfect, wrinkles are not part of the content. Looking crisp and cool is...

Now here s perfect gift for a man, and one I wouldn’t mind myself. Gentry has introduced a tie set truly worthy of the chic and dapper! The sleek wooden casing opens to reveal black quilted lining, and the grey linen tie (parfait for the summer!) is accompanied by a tie bar, tie pin and collar clip all in matching polished silver. Finished off by a cotton pocket square, this set is available at Confederacy at $225.00.

Looking for a quick fix from yours truly? I am at Champneys Town & City Spas over the next couple of months offering ageless style workshops. There’s an hour of me showing fashion of the moment - spot on for summer - - and talking about how to start building anautumn wardrobe. Starting at 6:30 pm you can enjoy a glass of wine and a mini facial while I am espousing wisdom.
Check locations at Champneys city & Town spas and more about the events at hhtp://

Also, I am working on a promotion with Lambrini wines where a lucky customer will win a day with me through a campaign that runs next month, so if you see my face onone of their bottles you will know why!

Now, here is some food for thought. I read in Stylesight, the trend forecasting group: only halfway through the first year of the decade, the zeitgeist defining the next 10 years of design seems clear. Research shows that as consumers crawl out of the holerecession and greed, two seemingly opposing aesthetics aretaking hold that perhaps echo our collectdesires for our economic landscape.Century modern design benchmarked for its unpretentious lines and integrity of materials has begun to influence everything from eyewear to Hollywood movies. Second, Gypset style (part gypsy, part jetset) has a bohemian spirit that challenges conventional.

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