Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Insight to what is to come

As many of you might know from previously spending an amazing shopping experience with me I am keen to help everyone who comes to me find the best fashion style suited to him or her. I believe that a smart and sophisticated style can be achieved at any age and with any body type. In this fast paced fashion world trends are constantly changing and it is hard to know what is right and what is questionable when it comes to buying for the new season wardrobe. So I have devised a blog to keep all of you, my valued customers and those who have a an interest in my work up to date with my fashion advice.

Over the forthcoming blogs I will be covering everything you need to know for the upcoming fashion seasons and what is new in the fashion world. I will be revealing my style secrets and shopping know how to keep you looking gorgeous. From make-up hints, the latest miracle hair products, footwear, accessories, even leisure wear and travel wear. 

There are various tricks in the fashion trade that I will touch upon including styling for different body types, making the most of your assets and revealing how clothing does not have to define your age. Depending on your suited colour pallet there will be something out there for everyone. It is important to recognise what colours and tones work for you individually, this is again something to look out for in my newsletters. You may be surprised just how many colours are suitable, and how one magical jewel tone can reinvent an outfit.

In these credit crunch times it is additionally important to dress for success. I will be able to guide you to a new and sophisticated style at an affordable price, giving you ways to continue to build on a smart wardrobe.

I will be going into greater detail about the all-important basic items that everyone needs in their wardrobe. For example, simple jersey tank tops are the perfect starting point for any outfit. They can be dressed up or dressed down. There is one out there to fit every age and every silhouette. I am a great believer in teaching how to style yourself. So each blog will be like an education for some. To broaden fashion knows how I will additionally be including a fashion word or phrase to really help you get the mind of a stylista.

With these exclusive blogs I also aim to keep you all up to date with what is new in the fashion circuit, from store openings to catwalk shows, anything and everything trend related. I will also be conduction various fashion events myself in the not too distant future, which you will be the first to know about via my monthly updates.  There is also opportunity for questions and answers with me personally. Via the contact details given I am open to any styling question and I will use my fashion know how to guide you in the right direction. Whether it is what cocktail dresses are good this season? Or can I still work the flare? Please feel free to contact me. So look out for these exclusive blogs! patrick@patrickswan.com

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