Wednesday, 22 June 2011

How to create a ageless eye making the most out of a Nars Mambo Pencil

I recently had a client who contacted me after we spent a day together. She wanted a refresher on how I help women creat an ageless is what I wrote back:

Creating a perfect ageless eye using Mambo Pencil by Nars:

I do appreciate your interest to making the Mambo pencil last longer. Firstly the sharper the pencil the better job it does...when I first use the Nars pencil no matter have sharp it may appear I take a clean tissue and gently made sure that the tip is as much of a point as I can get it without sharpening it...ideally one of the reasons  is the sharper the pencil the easier and more effective the pencil will be. I want you to put it on the inside of the rim of the eye. You will find that when the intensity of the colour dissipates it should go to the roots of the lashes and create an illusion that they are a bit is also one of those realities that nothing stays on the face as much as we wish...hence why photos of models and celebs look so good as they are generally always shot close up just after someone like me as made they look perfect...which is how you should feel once you have first done your lining....If you want to try edging it a bit more at the rim of base of the lashes you may find that will give a longer lasting effect...It is about trying to apply it so it is working its way into the lashes...when I first apply this, even if it stains that inside part of the rim of the eye a bit,  it takes the fleshiness away and that is also something that I am trying to achieve by using this method. You may notice that it is natural to tear that may make it dissipate and there is not a product out on the market that will do better than Mambo.

Again there is no reason that you can’t repeat this throughout the day...I know my wife always does her makeup in the morning then a touch-up after lunch and at the end of the day before she comes home and the repeated application does make her lashes look that bit fuller and the rim of the lash line still does have mambo on it...

Another reason I don’t like putting the liner on the outside is it ends up always looking like a line as it gets in the way with the lashes. You will more easily understand what I am explaining if you can look at someone who does do this and it is simply aging to me. Also, as one gets more lines around our eyes it ends up going into them and doesn’t creates the same ageless effect as my method....I hope I have been of some help in explaining myself....

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