Monday, 20 June 2011

May 2011 my 21st newsletter, so I'm going back to my roots!

Welcome to my 21st newsletter. I've just glanced back through previous 'issues' and see that I have covered so many aspects of the way women can enhance their look, staying not only on trend but also in keeping with their body shape and colouring. With the recent royal wedding I know how much focus we do place on big events as special days require special attention to every detail. One very important element on which, strangely, I haven't concentrated much is hair.  This is odd only because this is where I started - my original training was in the US with Sassoon - and I still work on clients' hair along with their make-up and styling. 

What reminded me to raise the subject was a recent trip to Cardiff. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting spring fashion shows there at the end of April and was delighted that the audiences were so responsive. Afterwards I retreated for a celebratory Martini at Cardiff's five star St David's Hotel. As my wife and my friends will tell you, I am very particular about my Martini, and I felt that the St David's would probably get it right. After a little persuasion, they did. As I sipped it with pleasure at the bar, I was caught by the style of the early guests arriving for dinner. The ladies had all put thought into their dresses and accessories. BUT not one of them had made a similar effort with their hair. As a result, from the neck up they looked like housewives! There's no excuse. There are now a plethora of 'blow outs' on offer in both stores and salons. So, when you next have a night out, book a 'blow' to ensure that your hair properly completes your look. 

Of course, as with clothes, length and proportion are everything. Kylie Minogue is elfin, so even though she is a small woman she can wear big hair. Her very high heels help lengthen her. But big hair on a short woman who is chubby can make her look dumpy.

If you have decent hair - thick and a good colour - it's a shame not to wear your hair long, even though it may require constant maintenance. It's feminine and it is versatile. You can pull it into a chignon at the nape of your neck, and maybe add ornaments, or give it a late Victorian or early 20s feel, or even go for a French pleat, in 50s Gigi style. If your hair is straight, use tongs to create that curly dishevelled look. 

An aside: I noticed with interest that the latest trend in nail polishes is a crackled effect, rather like the surface of a fine old painting. Will it become a classic varnish - or vanish? 

Otherwise, I'm seeing a lot of white this summer; acres of empire-line maxi dresses and plenty of sheer fabrics, which I think, are particularly beautiful. This diaphanous look is very feminine. Worth trying are the new shifts that tie gently around the waist, skimming over the lumps and bumps. Soft low cowl necklines are also flattering. I particularly like one from Anglomania by Vivienne Westwood at £335.00 at Liberty’
Sleeve length is important too. If you have good arms, go sleeveless. If not, opt for a cardigan as a way of covering the armpit. I see that Madonna, who has always been into body maintenance, has built muscle but because she is thin, has a stringy look to her arms. Better then to camouflage!

With my footnote on men...David Beckham looked dashing and very modern and should be every man’s compass for looking great, especially when he wears his medal on the right side!

I hope this gives you some inspiration as it appears that it is going to one very long lovely summer!

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